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Woman who can’t hear a men voice

A Chinese woman who is suffering from a rare disease in which she can hear women voice but can't hear men voice...

A woman who can’t hear a men voice – A Chinese woman who is suffering from a rare disease in which she can hear women voice but can’t hear men voice…

A woman living in China is struggling with rare diseases, this is rare of the rarest disease affects only 1 out of 13,000 patients who are suffering from an ear problem.

She can hear only women’s voices but can’t hear a men voice. It is called reverse slope hearing loss.

In such a situation, the patient only hears a high-frequency sound. According to doctors, the cause of this disease in women can be stress.

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Men’s voices are low frequencies

Chen, living in China’s Xiamen, came to know about the illness when one morning he stopped listening to the friend’s voice. However, there is no problem in hearing women’s voice.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where after diagnosis, the rare disease Reverse Slope Hearing Loss was detected.

What is Reverse Slope Hearing Loss?

Reverse slope hearing loss appears in people who have long-to-have ear-related problems. There is a problem listening to low frequencies due to illness.

The hearing power is understood by using a graph, it is called audiogram. Generally, in most cases of deafness, patients have problems hearing the high-frequency noise, but in these conditions, the graph on the audiogram goes down with the sound of high peach.

In the low-frequency no-hearing cases, this slope appears to be climbing uphill, hence its name is reverse slope hearing loss.

Due to this, patients with this disease do not even listen to the sound frequency except the normal sound.

Normally men’s voice is low frequencies and women’s voice is high frequency. However, people with this problem can hear the sound of men having high-frequency noise and can not hear the sound of women with low-frequency noise.

Apart from stress, this disease can b due to the following conditions…

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