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Side Effects of Ginger Tea

Ginger has many medicinal and nutritional qualities, But there are some misconceptions associated with ginger tea. Here is the solution of your ginger confusion.

Ginger is very commonly used in cooking and medicines and home remedies because it has numerous medicinal and nutritional qualities.

Especially while making tea, ginger has now become a compulsory and popular ingredient as it adds excellent taste to your cup of tea.

But there are few misconceptions and claims linked with ginger tea. Some experts say that ginger tea is the best remedy for cough and for treatment of many respiratory ailments.

Various studies and research also suggest that ginger can minimize blood pressure (BP) issues as well. Ginger is also known for its properties that can decrease the risk of specific cancers. Ginger contains a substance called gingerol that suppresses tumor growth.

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While some expert says that Ginger tea is harmful to health if you drink in excessive amount. Do you know any harmful health effect of ginger tea?

Few side effects of Ginger tea

Below are all the harmful health effects of ginger tea…

Increases the Bile Production

You should not drink more than 4g of ginger tea per day. It is shown that ginger can increase the production of bile in the body. But there is no proper medical evidence that can prove this. Hence you should consult your doctor before drinking ginger tea in order to treat gallbladder conditions.

Heartburn and Stomach upset

Excess drinking of ginger tea is also responsible for heartburn and can upset your stomach. Ginger primarily is classified under the category of spices and can give you the same burning sensation that chilies and other spicy food can give you.

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Irritation in  Stomach

If you are diagnosed as allergic to ginger, you can have rashes or irritation in the mouth or stomach after consuming ginger tea.

Interfere with Blood Pressure

Ginger tea can also minimize your blood pressure and can make you feel dizzy very often.

A risk for patients with bleeding disorders

Ginger contains a compound called salicylates, which acts as a blood thinning agent causing ailments in the patient with bleeding disorders.


If you consume a high amount of ginger on a regular basis then you may suffer from conditions like diarrhea. Ginger enhances the passage of food and stool through the intestine. Higher consumption will lead to frequent passage of stool and will further result in diarrhea.

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Upset the Digestion Process

Ginger tea can also affect your stomach and digestion in many ways. It can disturb the digestion process and can also lead to gas.

Irritation in  Mouth

Another issue faced after drinking of ginger tea on a regular basis is mouth irritation. The irritation can be a result of the strong taste of ginger. Some people may feel the taste unpleasant also. Other reasons behind such type of irritation can be a specific allergy.

Heart Problems

Ginger tea can also responsible to trigger some heart conditions as it interferes the blood pressure of a person. A person can experience a sudden drop in blood pressure which can further results in an irregular heartbeat. If you have any heart condition or disease, you should avoid or reduce drinking of ginger tea.

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Ginger tea is generally consumed in order to heal stomach ailments but it can also be given to control nausea. Drinking of ginger tea exactly after a chemotherapy session can help reduce nausea.

Also, Ginger can give you relief from conditions like morning sickness that happens during the pregnancy. However, it is advisable to ask to doctor before drinking ginger tea during pregnancy, or cancer therapy or any type of surgery.

You should also avoid ginger tea if you are suffering from kidney stones. You must consult the doctor before adding ginger tea to a routine if you are suffering from any kind of chronic health issues.

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