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Pills of Vitamins & Minerals are harmful to Health

Be Alert if you are consuming Supplements of Vitamins & Minerals, It can be harmful to health and can even increase the risk of death. 

For years we have been advised that if there is a deficiency in vitamins and minerals, then eat pills. If you are eating these types of tablets, be aware of them.

Those vitamins and minerals are being found out of the diet, it is okay, otherwise, if you are taking pills or supplements then it can harm the body and can also increase the risk of death. This research has been done in 30 years by researching 30 thousand people.

Research by Tufts University, London

Under the leadership of researchers at Tufts University in London, a team of nutrition experts studied this in 10 years, with more than 30,000 people involved. Its aim was to prove how vitamins and minerals contribute to preventing death from heart disease and its related diseases.

In this study, They found that vitamins and minerals did not provide adequate benefits. This study also concluded that taking vitamins and mineral tablets do not reduce the likelihood of death but increases. Obviously, the supplementary diet means vitamins and minerals can only get from proper diet only if you want to get benefits out of it.

According to the report, ‘humans who eat food and nutritious food are involved in them. Relationship between nutrients plays a more important role in determining health outcomes. 

Researchers also found that vitamins and mineral tablets could also cause damage. People with vitamin D deficiency took pills of such vitamins and minerals, in which the risk of death from cancer and other diseases was high. You need to take good food to be healthy. Do not just depend on tablets. Also, do not pay attention to any single type of vitamin or mineral. There are many types of nutrients, so it is important that every vitamin and mineral remains in your body in equal proportion.

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