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No need to find a donor on kidney failure

Researchers of Japan claimed that they found a new technique for treatment of Kidney failure which doesn't need a donor...

In Japan, a team of researchers has tried to make kidneys from some donor stem cells (native cells), after which it is hoped that it is possible to develop the kidneys in this way. This will help the patient with kidney failure.

This can also get rid of the problem of lack of kidney donors. According to the findings published in Nature Communications Journal, new kidneys developed have been shown to work.

Helpful for People with kidney failure

The kidney transplant is the only hope for a patient suffering from kidney disease if it is in the last stage so that he can be saved. Many patients do not have kidney transplants because there is a lack of kidney donors in the world.

Technology is preparing in Japan

Researchers are preparing to develop a healthy organ outside the human body. This technique has got good results in preparing the mouse pancreatic.

Researchers from Japan’s National Institute for Geological Sciences have decided to investigate whether this technique can be used to prepare an organ like a kidney of the human body.

What causes kidney failure?

  • Avoid urination
  • Drinking less than 7-8 glasses of water every day
  • Eating excessively salt (salt)
  • Negligence in the treatment of high BP
  • Eating excessive mutton
  • Eating excessive painkillers and other medicines
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Not enough rest
  • Overconsumption of soft drinks and soda

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