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Medication that can bring back memory

Drugs are ready to relieve the loss of memory due to depression and growing age: Says "addiction and mental health center", Canada.

Quick Update:

  • Medication that can bring back memory, Made in Toronto’s Addiction and Mental Health Center
  • The memory of Alzheimer’s patients will also improve
  • Researchers found that the memory of rats began to come back fast.

New Hope:

Researchers have claimed to found a drug to bring back the decreasing memory with depression and increasing age. Canada’s Toronto Addiction and Mental Health Center has developed this medicine. Today we will let you know about the Medication that can bring back a memory.

Researchers have successfully tested this drug on mice. Now soon it will be trialed on humans. Researchers found that the memory of rats began to come back fast.

Information about this drug was given in the meeting of the “American Association for the Advancement of Sciences” held in Washington.

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Alzheimer’s patients will have a substantial benefit

The Research Scientist Dr. Atin Sibley says that no medicines are available at this time to bring back the memory that is due to depression and mantle disorder. This newly discovered drug is a type of ‘benzodiazepine‘ drug.  This medicine is an advanced version of very popular anti-anxiety and anti-depression medicine “Valium“.

With this new drug, new cells start to be redeveloped like the young people in the brain. In research conducted on rats, researchers found that only 30 minutes of drug delivery increased the memory of rats and solved the puzzle given. around 80 percent of the drug’s effectiveness was also reported on older rats.

After coming to the market, this drug will benefit people around 55-60 years of age who are suffering from diseases such as, people who forget small things, depression or Alzheimer’s disease. They will have to take one tablet every day of this medicine.

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