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Heavy Alcohol Consumption can Slow Brain Growth 

Alcohol consumption can harm the body in many ways. It can also affect the brain's development. Read the link between these two according to a recent study.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption can Slow Brain Growth: Continuous heavy consumption of alcohol can affect various body organs in many ways. Excessive drinking on a regular basis can lead to various serious health issues and even organ failure such as liver and kidney. Excessive alcohol consumption can also reduce the rate of brain development.

According to the latest study, More than normal use of alcohol among youngsters as well as adults can slow down the rate of growth in developing brains.

“eNeuro” journal

The study was published in the “eNeuro” journal. The study found that people who consumed alcohol in excessive quantity showed a decreased growth of the brain by 0.25 millimeters per year for every gram of alcohol drunk per kilogram of body weight. In a simple way, it can be estimated at around 4 beers per day.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption can Slow Brain Growth 

The study was conducted on non-human primates.  The research was conducted at the Oregon National Primate Research Center. “Chronic alcohol self-intoxication decreased the growth rate of the brain, cerebral white matter, and subcortical thalamus,” the researchers said.

For the research, 71 rhesus macaques were examined who consumed the alcohol beverage voluntarily. Magnetic resonance imaging was used by researchers to measure the growth of the volunteer’s brain.

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The observations were done by focusing on various factors such as the amount of alcohol intake, diet, daily activities, and health care.

There were few other studies which were conducted to check the impact of excessive alcohol consumption on one’s brain development.

alcohol addiction

“Human studies are based on self-reporting of underage heavy drinkers. Our measures pinpoint alcohol drinking with the impaired brain growth,” said the co-author of the study Christopher Kroenke.

The research further also concluded that a long term effect of alcohol consumption on an individual’s brain cannot be concluded as an adult brain does not grow after a certain period.

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