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Does eating bananas increase weight? Myths and Facts.

People are confused about their eating habits, especially for weight loss and weight gain diet.  Here are Key Myths and Facts associated with food...

Many people are constantly confused about what kind of food they should eat or should not eat. Especially those whose weight is high seems that if I eat a certain type of food then the weight will increase and if a particular food is eaten then weight will be reduced.

With this report, we are showing you the same 4 famous myths and facts which are popular among the people but the fact is different:

Myths and Facts about Foods:

Myth No. 1: Bananas increase weight, and if you have diabetes, especially banana should not be eaten.

Banana: Myths and Facts about Foods

Fact: Bananas contain natural sugars, which are essential for our body’s strength. Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals. Such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, and magnesium. Bananas communicate instantaneous power, which is essential for sportsmen and children. If you have diabetes or follow a diabetes diet, you can also eat 1 banana a day.

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Myth No.2: Dry fruits increase cholesterol.

Dry fruits: Myths and Facts about Foods

Fact: Dry fruit has the ability to reduce cholesterol. It is helpful in reducing weight and protecting against some other diseases. It provides the option of high protein for vegetarians, but it is high in fat, so it should be eaten in limited quantities.

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Myth No.3: Should not be eaten after 6 pm, because doing so increases weight.

eating at night: Myths and Facts about Foods

Fact: You should not eat according to time, but according to your schedules. The person should not take a heavy meal 3 hours before bedtime. That means if you are sleeping at 11 o’clock at night you should not eat after 8 pm.

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Myth No.4: The fruit is excellent sweets.

Fruits: Myths and Facts about Foods

Fact: The fruits are delicious naturally, but they contain more natural sugars. It is imperative, nutritious and beneficial to eat fruit during the day rather than during the night.

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