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Reasons and Natural remedies for frequent Headache

Remedies to naturally get rid of Headache, If you have frequent headache then know the reasons and natural home remedies to treat it.

Nowadays due to stress, many people are having problems with a headache. But if a headache is frequent then there may be a serious problem.

If you are also suffering from this type of frequent headache, then you should not avoid it. You need to know the reasons for this frequent headache and try some natural ways to get rid of this painful headache.

Today we will let you know 5 types of reasons for Headache and Quick remedies to treat this problem. Read more about the causes of a headache and remedies to prevent it.

Most common causes of frequent headache :

Causes and Reasons of Frequent Headache

Hyper angry

Anger is called the enemy of man and in fact, it is the same. Many health problems can also be caused due to anger. People who often get angry are more likely to have a headache.


Stress is considered to be the biggest cause of headache. The problem of a migraine often leads to more stress. In fact, when someone is in stress, there is a spasm in the veins surrounding the neck and shoulders and which causes headaches.

Hormones Imbalance

Often, hormonal imbalances also cause headaches. Most women have a headache at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The main reason for this is the hormonal imbalance during the period.

Sleep deprivation (Lack of Sleep)

Dense sleep keeps both body and brain fresh. People who sleep well can do their work with more focus. In contrast, people who can not sleep well at night have to face problems like a headache and lack of concentration.


Wearing a tight cap or a tight hairstyle may also cause a headache. Many hair products and gel experiments may also cause headaches. That is why people who have a frequent headache should avoid such things.

Quick Home remedies of a frequent headache :

Ginger Paste

Ginger : headache home remedy

Ginger acts as a pain preventive medicine. If you feel a headache, apply the ginger paste on the head, it will cause a little irritation, but a headache will be faded in some time.

Lemon/ Tamarind Juice

Lemon , Tamarind juice : headache remedy

Drinking lemon or tamarind juice in a headache can relieve you from pain. Feeding cold water on the head also provides comfort in a headache.

Cinnamon Paste

Cinnamon : Home remedy for frequent headache

Capsize the cinnamon with the water and make a paste, apply it on you head. that will give you comfort from headache pain.

Mint Oil

Mint Oil : Frequent headache treatment naturally

Massage the mint oil on the head with a gentle hand or putting fresh juice of mint in the head will give you quick relief in the headache.


Clove : Natural painkiller

Cloves are also considered to be a good medicine for headaches. Take a clean towel and take two to four cloves in it and then smell it by nose. Apart from this, the paste of clove can be apply on head for rapil relieve of headache.

Cold Water

Cold water for headache due to dehydration

Often, dehydration can also cause headache, if you have headache, then drink a glass of cold water. If possible, drink three to four glasses of cold water. You will get rid of it soon if headache is due to dehydration. 

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