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Best time and rules to drink Milk

If you know the best time to drink milk and some rules, then get benefits in many problems

Milk drinking is a routine for many of us get used to from the childhood, and many of us carry well into adulthood. But have we been drinking milk all wrong? 

Do Not Drink Milk in Morning 

Usually, most people drink milk in the morning. But if you drink milk in the afternoon or at night instead of drinking milk at morning, you can get more benefits. There are several such rules related to milk, and we can get more benefits of drinking a milk by following some simple rules.

Milk drinking rules that both men and women should follow.

Do not Drink Simple Milk

Do not drink simple milk instead of regular Milk even if there is a difficulty in digestion. so simply you can Always drink it with ginger, cloves, cardamom or cinnamon powder.

When we drink milk in morning, then it imbalance the acid level in stomach and there will be a chance of Acidity and cough.

Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night

Drinking milk at night helps you in good sleep, Magnesium of milk Helps in Off Sleep Problems. Milk contains amino acid which helps you mind to be calm. it also have calcium that fight to Insomnia.

Avoid Milk after Meal

Do not drink milk immediately after a Meal as it may cause a condition like indigestion, so keep at least 2 hours of gap.

Drink Warm Milk

Always drink a warm milk, except if you have acidity and ulcer problem.

Avoid to mix Sugar

Do not Mix sugar in the milk, if you dont like simple taste then you can use alternatives like Dates, Raisins etc.

The people who have a problem of indigestion of milk, they can add ginger in milk.

Add Turmeric in Milk

Start Drinking turmeric Milk , As the body going for rests at night, it also heals from the day’s wear and tear.

If you mix some amount of turmeric into your milk, you can boost the power of the drink due to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and healing powers of the spice.

Note : Avoid Milk If You Have Dairy products Allergy..

You have already read Best time and rules to drink Milk, Here is one more trick for health living : Role of water in healthy Life

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