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Avoid these 8 foods to control your Belly Fat

Eating these 8 foods can increase your weight as well as Belly fat, Start avoid these food for Better health and Slim tummy.

Every day we eat many foods that are high in fat and more calories. By continuous eating such food, gradually the tummy start coming out, as well as increase the weight and Belly Fat.

But we do not care about such small things and eat such high-calorie foods too. Which can increase abdominal fat and invites obesity.

So today we will let you know about 8 food that everyone should avoid in order to keep your tummy slip and control the belly fat.

Ice cream

Ice cream : Obesity increasing foods medisease

Ice cream contains a higher amount of calories. So by eating it, there can be a chance of weight gain.

Meat pizza

Meat Pizza - Obesity increasing foods medisease

If you have a cheez, butter, meat or chicken in the tops of the pizza, its calorie range goes very high and can increase your belly fat if you eat frequently.

French fries

French Fries - Obesity increasing foods medisease

French fries have a higher amount of saturated fat. Which can increases the Tummy Fat.


Burger - Obesity increasing foods medisease

Due to the cheese, meat, sauce, butter in the burgers, it increases the amount of unhealthy fats which is responsible for obesity also.

Cold Drinks

Cold Drink - Obesity increasing foods medisease

Cold drinks contain sugar and caffeine. Which is harmful to health. It also increases Tummy’s fat.


Chips - Obesity increasing foods medisease

Chips contain trans fats (Unsaturated fatty acids). Which damages the health and increases the weight.


Pastry - Obesity increasing foods medisease

Pastry contains rich amount of fats and calories. So by eating it,  you are on risk of increasing the extra fat in the body.


Meat - Obesity increasing foods medisease

There are more bad fats and calories in the meat. It can increase the fat or cholesterol in the body and ultimately it increases the chances of heart diseases. 

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